Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Funny Cars. . . .

. . .Or how I spent my Thursday afternoon with my daughter. Last Thursday we went out to Pomona Raceway to spend a day during qualifying rounds for the NHRA World Finals held every year there. I'm a big drag racing fan going back to my teens, and in my early twenties spent every weekend at the US 30 dragstrip in Merriville Indiana, with my friend, basically helping him wrench on his two cars. So every once in a while I get out to Pomona to see the action. To me it's just a blast to see nitro dragsters and funny cars rip down the 1/4 mile. It's gotten a lot more corporate over the years, much like everything. It's about money, selling a product and of course winning to keep your sponsor. But to me, it's also fun. There's also a lot more women racing these days which is great I think. Talk about 'fast women'. . .these girls do the 1/4 mile in 4.7 secs at 330 mph! If you've never experienced this, you never forget it. Basically you 'feel' and 'hear' the nitro burning dragsters all through you when they go by. Ear protection is a must. My daughter took these great pics, except for the one I took of her and Ashley Force.

Sox & Martin sponsored Pro Stocker piloted by Bob Panella Jr.

Funny Car driver Ashley Force poses with my daughter Lauren.

Ashley Force just finishing her burnout. She qualified 4th for Sunday's race, around 4.7 seconds and 325 mph.

Tony Schumacher's dragster being loaded onto the trailer at the end of the day. I really like this pic, nice silhouette.

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