Saturday, March 03, 2007

Warner Daze

I was cleaning out a bunch of stuff and came across some drawings I had from animation I did on the Duck Dodgers in 3D project I worked on at Warner Classics. I wish I could say the 3D element of that project was great, but in my opinion it could've and should've been so much better. The 2D animators that already worked in 3D did great scenes, like Andrew Gordon.

We actually animated either fully or posed out all the animation before it was 'reanimated' or the 3D crew used our drawings for reference in the 3D. I've actually never seen the short in 3D with the glasses so I can't really say what the final outcome was. But anyway, here's some fun stuff from the sequence where Daffy & K9 crash the spaceship and Daffy with the airbag.


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