Monday, March 19, 2007

Alex Toth and Drag Cartoons

While reading the ASIFI Animation Archive site the other day, they had a post on Alex Toth. Now when I was kid, I didn't watch many H-B cartoons like Space Ghost, Herculoids, Super Friends, etc. so I knew nothing of the shows Toth was involved with or what he did or who he was. Honestly I don't remember watching those shows at all. The only H-B stuff I watched was stuff like Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, and all those. Mostly I just played in this old fashioned way with my friends. . . they called it "outside". You know, baseball, football, climb trees, play army. Things kids today don't know much about. I was a big Mad magazine fan, but not really a comics collector like the Marvel and DC type. However, what I was into were hot rods and hot rod cartoons like Drag Cartoons, Cartoons, Hot Rod Cartoons, and others put out by cartoonist and publisher Pete Millar.

So I was jazzed when I picked up my copy of 'Toth - One For The Road" put out by Michael Auad Publishing. If you want to see another side of Alex Toth check out this book. This is a complete collection of all the great cartoons he wrote and drew for Millar's Drag Cartoons, Hot Rod Cartoons and Big Daddy Roth comics. I didn't know who he was at the time, but looking at the cartoons again today it is his cartoons that I remember most. This doesn't by any means degrade his great design work he did for H-B, it was just another outlet for his creativity at the time that not many people know about unless they are or were into cars, or drag racing and the like.

So besides Toth's stuff, another great collection of stuff to get - if you are a hot rod comics kid from days of old (the 60's) are the cd's of all the hot rod cartoons Pete Millar wrote and drew and published. You can get those here. And I must add, his family who takes care of the comics biz these days since Pete's passing in 2003, are the nicest folks ever. In just the few emails I've exchanged with Pete's daughter Robin, you can just tell they truly care about what Pete left and his love of comics and hot rods.


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