Thursday, January 31, 2008

Not Brand Echh

This was my favorite regular comic book when I was a kid, Marvel's Not Brand Echh. It came out in 1967 and was a parody of all things Marvel, drawn by the same artists who broght you Fantastic Four, Superman, and the rest of the Marvel gang. I have the complete original run of 13 comics. I wasn't a huge Marvel comic fan really, as the regular superheros were not my thing, but anything that made fun of something definitely was. At the time, my favorite regular comic was Spiderman. Mostly I bought a lot of Mads which unfortunately I don't have anymore. I'm sure lots of them got thrown out or lost when we moved.

But here's Issue 7 of Not Brand Echh, which I think is great starting with the origins of the Fantastical Four & Stuporman. According to the Grand Comics Database - the super talented Marie Severin did the cover, and on this story I think Jack Kirby did layouts and Marie did the pencils and Tom Sutton did the inking. I don't claim to be by any means an expert on who did what comics, so if there's any artist mistakes let me know.

I just loved the way these look and they were fun for any 12 year old. I will put up the second story soon, on the origin of Stuporman. Enjoy.

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At 11/24/2012 9:49 PM, Anonymous Kirk G said...

I think the thing that pleased me most about Not Brand Echh, was the fact that it made fun of both Marvel and DC in equal measures. It wasn't just a pointed jab at DC...Marvel was making fun of themselves as well...and it worked. The stories were clearly plotted with some thought to be a ridiculous as possible and also have lots of similarities to the original story.
I could see the original structure underneath the relentless gags & jokes.


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