Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A 9 year old's concept

Today I thought I'd share one of my son's concept drawings that we made into one of the extra characters in our short. As we were coming up with designs, our director just had everyone go home and design stuff. I told my son he should draw up some robots, as that is what he likes to do anyway. I brought them back and one of his was picked to be one of the extra characters. I did a more detailed version for the modeler and the finished model was done by one of our classmates who worked on the project for a short time.

The original design of toybot

My cleanup model

The final cg model

Personally, I think the cg model lost something in the translation, and my son complained that it didn't have the scooper thing on the end of his tail over his head. My mistake. Plus he lost the vents on the side, and the modeler put pants on him. I thought the vents were cool. I liked the boxy design of the original too like it was a old metal computer cabinet from the 50's or something. I'm not fond of pants on robots or even cartoon animals. Well, it was a democratic project and people were learning and adding their own touches. I say, not bad for a nine year old.


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